Saturday, February 27, 2010

Elea Blake

In a window of the Elea Blake studio at 133 Frazier Avenue are three arm sculptures, fingers elegantly splayed upward. Darin Wright's aesthetics practice is one of many small gestures, nuances that blend art and science to complement one's natural complexion.
After cleansing her client's face, Wright searches for a foundation match. "Skin tones are different in different places," she explains and complements her well coordinated outfit of soft pinks and beiges. Empathy matters because these ladies will be spending most of an afternoon together.
"If eyes are the window to your soul, brows are the drapes," Wright continues. Like an energetic painter of canvas, her face is a fierce mask of concentration as the brush stokes are applied. Then, with hands apart, she steps away to gauge their effect. Smiling, bantering, mixing and applying color, her dance continues.
"We are mixologists creating on skin," she says. The powders are mineral-based and not tested on animals.
Blending them may follow one of three schemes. The monochromatic results in shading. Analogous colors harmonize in their proximity on a color wheel while complements reach across the wheel to balance each other.
As time passes, her working surface comes to resemble a painter's palette and like that portrait artist's, the colors are unique, be they applied with a stipple brush or molded into a lipstick. Wright's clientele will leave the studio refreshed and empowered, knowing that they look their best.

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  1. Darin and Kristin are both so much fun...and, knowledgeable. When I was there, people of all ages and walks of life were being transformed. They aim to please, whether you want to go natural or have a little more fun. I definitely recommend stopping by and... allow some extra time for donuts next store!