Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bone Appetite

There were no reliable witnesses at the birth of our dog. The adoption papers do cite October 2000 and his happy go lucky ways are consistent with a natal sun in Libra. Just don't let your special friend's anniversary pass without notice. Joan Nash of Bone Appetite on Frazier Avenue has just the commemorative treat, a custom cake worthy of that unconditional love.
"It isn't anything you wouldn't eat yourself," she says of her recipe. Unbleached flour, baking powder, shortening and an egg all look quite familiar. To those wary of sugar rushes, she emphasises that half a cup of honey is all the sweetening required.
In an expert twist new to this honey lover, she first coated the measuring cup with oil for faster pouring and quicker clean-up. Decide for yourselves whether licking the spoon is preferable at home.
While our terrier would gladly partake of cabernet sauvignon and 70% cacao, his kind must savor the delights of carob. Customers tell Nash that her baking is palatable and they might be forgiven a lapse when presented with this array. After all, birthdays come but once a year.
Bone Appetite is located at 103 Frazier Avenue and may be reached at (423) 756-2663.

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